Blight, Noxious Weeds & Grass Control

Blight Inspector and Commissioner of Noxious Weeds contact information:

Chad Cupp
(734) 755-1142

Report a blight or noxious weed problem here. Property owners of blight issues will not have access to the name and information of anyone reporting an issue.

The blight inspector will actively follow up on every complaint in an attempt to resolve any issues. Please fill out form online OR Print Complaint Form

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Official Blight Ordinance (PDF)
Ordinance 134 – Noxious Weeds & Grass

Noxious Weed Types

For a list and images of the Michigan noxious weed types visit the USDA website.

Blight, Noxious Weeds & Grass FAQ

Q. Can my property taxes go up if the township cuts my lawn?
A. Yes, the fees associated with lawn cutting will be added to your tax bill if not paid before next tax cycle. The fees associated will become a lien on the property.